Some In-Plant and Open Programmes

The Centre has also conducted the following courses:

1.Banking Litigation & Lenders’ Liability – The Prosecution, Defense & Avoidance of Complex Litigation in Financial Institutions

2.Negotiating  &  Drafting  International  Infrastructural    Agreements:  BOT  & Project Financing

3.Fundamentals of Corporate Legal Services

4.Risk  Management  &  Debt  Recovery  Strategies  for  Banks  &  Other  Financial Institutions

5.Banking  &  Insurance  in  Nigeria:  The  Challenges  of  Corporate  Regulatory Compliance

6.Law Relating to Banking Operations

7.Creation, Perfection and Enforcement of Security Interests.

8.Negotiating  and  Drafting  Contracts  for  the  Financing  of  Aircraft  and  Ship Acquisition.

9.Project Financing in the Oil and Gas Sector

10.Negotiating, Drafting and Understanding Commercial Contracts in the Oil and Gas Industry.

11.Financing the Telecoms Industry

12.Reviewing and Understanding International Shipping Contracts

13.Documenting the Contract for the Issuance of Credit

14.Fiscal   Responsibility,   Budgeting   &   Budgetary   Control:   Law,   Practice   & Procedures

15.Successfully Managing the In-House Legal Function

16.International Trade Finance and Instruments: Operational: Documentation and Legal Issues

17.Current Trends in Legislative Drafting

18.Strategic Negotiation & Advanced Deal Making

19.Skills in Negotiating International Commercial Contracts

20.Security Documentation

21.Syndicated Loans Documentation

22.Regulatory Compliance: Managing the Compliance Nightmare

23.Regulatory Compliance Training for Lenders

24.Practical Advocacy for Interim Applications

25.Civil Advocacy – Improving your technique

26.Mediation for Litigators

27.Essential Drafting Techniques for Civil Litigators

28.Evidence Matters – Preparing for Litigation

29.Litigation with a Foreign Element

30.Negotiation in Litigation – A fresh approach

31.Judicial Review of Local Authority and Public Sector Decisions

32.Practical Debt Recovery

33.Interviewing Witnesses: How to unlock their memories

34.Conducting a Civil Claim from Start to Finish

35.The Law Governing Contracts and Commercial Disputes

36.Developing a Successful Insolvency Practice

37.Cross-Border Commercial Litigation: Commercial Conflict of Laws

38.Companies and Allied Matters Act in Practice

39.Best Practice Drafting: Standard Terms and Conditions

40.Drafting and Negotiating Contract Terms

41.Securing  Credit  in  Difficult  times:  The  Essential  Guide  to  Debentures  and Guarantees

42.Shareholder Rights and Disputes under CAMA

43.Duties and Liabilities of Directors under CAMA

44.Termination of Leases

45.Advocacy for Government Lawyers

46.Companies and Allied Matters Act: Practical Implications for Companies

47.Project Management Techniques for Legal Practitioners: Adding Value to Legal Projects

48.Financial Covenants: Accounting Essentials for Lawyers

49.Topping   and   Tailing   Commercial   Agreements:   The   Guide   to   Effective Boilerplates

50.The Law Relating to Letters of Credit (UCP 600) and Performance Guarantees

51.Brief Writing in cases before Trial and Appellate Courts

52.Ethical   Issues   facing   Attorneys   in   Mergers,   Acquisitions   and   Related Transactions

53.Investment Appraisal Techniques

54.Project Specification, Evaluation, & Negotiation

55.Innovative Lending and Borrowing

56.Loan Management and Debt Recovery Strategies

57.Fundamentals of Government Legal Services

58.Legal Aspects of Aviation Security and Safety

59.Arrest, Detention & Investigation of Aviation Offences for Security Officers

60.Investigation and Prosecution of Aviation Offences for Legal Officers

61.Unit Trust Schemes Operations and Documentation

62.Regulation of Food and Drugs in Nigeria

63.High Court Practice and Procedure

64.Practice   &   Procedure   For   Newly   Appointed   Members   of   Investment   & Securities Tribunal

65.Trial Process, Advocacy Skills & Appellate Procedure

66.Brief Writing

67.Securitisation and Asset Backed Lending

68.Security for Financial Institutions

69.Project Specification, Evaluation, & Negotiation

70.Advanced Credit Analysis & Administration

71.Advanced Skills in Civil Practice & Trial Advocacy (Including Preparation & Drafting of Court Processes)

72.Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Labour & Industrial Relations

73.Asset  &  Lease  Financing  including  the  Financing  of  Ships,  Aircraft  &  other Mobile Assets

74.Banking  Litigation  and  Lenders  Liability  –  The  Prosecution,  Defence  and Avoidance of Complex Litigation in Financial Institutions

75.Contract  Leasing  of  Public  Enterprises:  Legal,  Social,  Economic  and  Social Perspectives

76.Corporate Credit Analysis, Loan Admin. & Problem Loans Workout

77.Corporate Legal Advisers Conference

78.Credit Administration & Workout of Problem Loans

79.Criminal Process & The Prosecution & Defence of Criminal Cases

80.Detection, Control & Prosecution of Money Laundering & Other Illicit Financial Transactions

81.Electronic Banking: Practical, Operational and Legal Issues

82.Export Import Laws, Procedures and Documentation

83.Finance and Accounting for Lawyers in Commercial Practice

84.Financial Derivatives Instruments: Operational, Regulatory & Documentation Issues

85.Fraud Prevention & Control in Financial Institutions: Practical, Operational & Legal Issues

86.Fundamentals   of   Bankruptcy   and   Insolvency   Laws   and   Debt   Recovery Initiatives for Banks

87.Fundamentals of Credit Analysis

88.Fundamentals of Financial & Capital Markets Operations & Regulations

89.Government Contracts: Documentation, Administration & Dispute Resolution Techniques

90.Human Resource and Employee Relations Management

91.Innovative Lending Techniques: Asset Based Lending & asset Securitisation

92.International   Commercial   Arbitration   &   Alternative   Dispute   Resolution Techniques

93.International Trade Finance & Instruments: Operational, Documentation & Legal Issues

94.Issues in Money and Capital Markets Operations & Regulation

95.Law Relating to Retail Banking Operations

96.Letters of Credits, Bank Guarantees & other On-Demand Payment Instruments

97.Litigation Process, Advocacy Skills and Case Management

98.Loan Administration & Troubled Credit Workouts

99.Loan Syndication: Laws, Procedure & Documentation

100.Managing Financial Risk

101.Managing Legal Services & Litigation in a Depressed Economic Environment

102.Mediation and Conflict Resolution

103.Mergers & Acquisitions Including MBOs & Strategic Alliances.

104.Modern Trends in Legislative Drafting

105.National   Seminar   on   Failure   of   Corporate   &   Financial   Institutions   (A Collaboration between CLDS & ICAN)

106.Negotiating & Drafting International Commercial & Investment Agreements

107.Negotiating & Drafting of Project Linked Loan Agreements

108.Non-Performing  Assets:  Risk  Management  &  Debt  Recovery  Strategies  for Banks

109.Open Competitive Tendering in Government Procurement Contracts: Practices, Procedures and Documentation

110.Professional Skills Acquisition & Development for Government Lawyers

111.Project Finance & Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) Contracts As Methods of Privatising Public Enterprises

112.Proposed  Reform  of  the  Money  &  Capital  Market:  Issues  in  Regulation  & Deregulation,

113.Reform of the Law of Debt Obligations

114.Regulatory and Judicial Enforcement of Environmental Law

115.Strategic Credit Risk Management Techniques

116.Strategic Negotiation and Advanced Deal Making