More Firms Are Matching Cravath’s Standard For Compensation — See Also

The First Firm Matches Cravath: Cravath went over the top, but that doesn’t mean others can’t play.

Debevoise Also Stepped Up: Bonuses and raises for associates at this firm.

Dentons Faces Harassment Lawsuit: The allegations are salacious.

Which Biglaw Firms Are Still Planning On Having Summer Associates Sign Mandatory Arbitration Agreements? The results of the survey may surprise you.

What Is Kirkland Waiting For? They’re top of the Am Law 100 but have yet to increase salaries.

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Bar Exam Troubleshooting Chart

Studying for the bar exam is a difficult process. It tests your patience, your ability to tolerate your inner-most demons, and your ability to stay in the present moment of studying. Most of the time, when things are stressful, thoughts can begin to wander to the future in the most negative way of all: I’m going to fail.  […]

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Hope Your Salary Raise Can Buy You The Right To Vote — See Also

THE SUPREME COURT IS COOL WITH VOTER PURGES: You see the cycle, don’t you? Suppress voter turnout, elect Republicans, have Republicans appoint judges who will help you suppress voter turnout.

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, ANOTHER FIRM MATCHES MILBANK: Selendy & Gay join the party. Interestingly, Quinn Emanuel has not. That’s pretty funny if you know your Biglaw history.

IN SADDER NEWS, GREENBERG TRAURIG IS JUST SAD: Firm chairman explains why his firm is “wind-proof” to associate raises. We’ll see if they refuse to follow the crowd when layoffs inevitably come.

ABA PULLS ACCREDITATION FOR ARIZONA SUMMIT: To quote a tipster, it’s about goddamn time.

TALK ABOUT AN EGGSHELL PLAINTIFF: This woman got $85,000 because sauce got into her eyes.

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