New Rule: In 2022 Firms Can’t Raise Salaries Until After The World Cup — See Also

CLIFFORD CHANCE RAISED SALARIES: The first Magic Circle firm to do so.

AND CAHILL: I mean, why not at this point?


WHICH KIND OF FORCED ROPES TO DO IT: But they tried to play it coy for reasons entirely passing understanding.

AND PAUL MANAFORT WENT TO JAIL: Oh, wait, that’s not a salary thing. Holy crap, this story is NOT about Biglaw salaries!

I FEEL BAD FOR SCOTT PRUITT’S DAUGHTER: Her father is so corrupt, it’s kind of hard to believe that she got into UVA Law, honorably. Even though I want to respect UVA enough to believe that she did.

IS BEN BRAFMAN’S PLAN FOR WEINSTEIN DEFENSE TO ATTACK THE #METOO MOVEMENT? How does that even work? “This movement that my client kind of proved was necessary is a victim… of a thing… that didn’t really exist… until everybody found out what a sleaze he is.”

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