Hope Your Salary Raise Can Buy You The Right To Vote — See Also

THE SUPREME COURT IS COOL WITH VOTER PURGES: You see the cycle, don’t you? Suppress voter turnout, elect Republicans, have Republicans appoint judges who will help you suppress voter turnout.

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, ANOTHER FIRM MATCHES MILBANK: Selendy & Gay join the party. Interestingly, Quinn Emanuel has not. That’s pretty funny if you know your Biglaw history.

IN SADDER NEWS, GREENBERG TRAURIG IS JUST SAD: Firm chairman explains why his firm is “wind-proof” to associate raises. We’ll see if they refuse to follow the crowd when layoffs inevitably come.

ABA PULLS ACCREDITATION FOR ARIZONA SUMMIT: To quote a tipster, it’s about goddamn time.

TALK ABOUT AN EGGSHELL PLAINTIFF: This woman got $85,000 because sauce got into her eyes.

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