CLDS was established in 1990 to fill a gap in the provision of continuing professional education by offering practical programmes in the relevant industry. The Centre is thus the first and still the foremost provider of CPE for the business and banking profession and a major player in the provision of multi-disciplinary programmes in Nigeria.

The mission of the Centre is to remain the most potent private professional skills acquisition and capacity building outfit in Nigeria.

The Centre will successfully sustain this mission by continuously helping to provide answers to many business and finance related issues facing the society.

As a group, we continually strive to provide outstanding results for our clients, because we expect to develop long-term relationships with them. We are still working with a lot of the same clients we had when the business was started over 2 decades ago.

We believe that this has been achieved by:

· Being cutting edge in the topics in which we train

· Understanding the industries in which we are training

· Having strong credibility with the clients’ employees

· Having a sound understanding of training techniques

· In-depth knowledge of how to effect understanding and behavioural change

· Being focused on the customers’ expected outcomes.