Centre For Law And Development Studies’ Paralegal Studies Program combines a strong legal foundation with real-world application to provide students with the legal knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and technical competencies needed for a successful legal career. As the only paralegal program in Lagos, Nigeria, our program has been preparing legal professionals to successfully navigate the evolving legal landscape.

Featuring a curriculum taught by distinguished legal professionals including some of the N.B.A’s top lawyers and paralegals; the program leverages it’s location in the states central business district to provide students with unique opportunities outside of the classroom through internships, career and industry events, and access to top law firms, federal agencies, non-profit organizations, court houses, and corporation that employ skilled paralegals.

With options for full- or part-time enrollment and a convenient location in Lagos Island, the Paralegal Studies Program offers a flexible way for students to advance their careers. The program provides students with not only a comprehensive understanding of the law, but also a broad set of transferrable skills; enabling multiple career paths and placing them in high demand in a growing market place. Graduates of the program often pursue successful careers as paralegals in legal, corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations, and many continue to law school.