Students and corporate individuals, as well as organisations in search of the ability to speak more languages do not normally have all the time needed to devote to the acquiring of such skills. In most cases, they want to acquire this skill in as short a time as possible. In most cases, it will not be possible to take them away from their schools and offices to go on language courses would not be feasible, in terms of cost, time, and disruption to their work.

Deploying and using everyday technology, we are able to train and instruct much faster and more flexibly. With only 30 minutes a day, and the ability to learn anywhere and at anytime, all you will need is an internet connected laptop, or tablet or phone, and you can ‘attend’ classes and interact with other particpants, as well as carry on conversations enabling you to practice your language skills.

  • CLDS Language Online is more than just an online course—it’s a professional platform that allows you to learn on your terms, without time, place, or tech restraints. Organizations or corporations looking to train their employees can choose from the list of languages.